Noemie Le Coz is an Australian, independent graphic designer, illustrator and art director, living and working in New York City.

While very diverse, her aesthetic approach often merges minimalism with a distinct sense of play. Strategically, her work aims to elevate brand offerings by pinpointing audience appeal and distilling core messaging down to its clearest and freshest visual form.

Some of her favourite things include good writing, oversized clothing, nature hikes and the television sitcoms Seinfeld and Absolutely Fabulous. A few things that inspire her are Issey Miyake, Viviane Sassen, Ikko Tanaka and this GIF.

Previously at Pentagram DesignRoAndCo Studio, Hugo & MariePartners & Spade and Apple.

Currently at
Google Creative Lab.

Winner of
Young Guns 15, class of 2017. View reel.

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